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When I was asked to write a website article for Uni-West, Inc. of Utah, I hadn’t the slightest notion of where to begin; yet I was honored. I hadn’t thought to be a considered candidate for writing this article, as I was relatively uninformed in the Plumbing, Boiler, Heating and Air Conditioning world. As a descriptive blog writer for other websites, I attested that the extent of my awareness had grown field-specific in other areas; Plumbing was new to me. For a better understanding, I interviewed Uni-West, Inc.

I spent a few weeks of in-depth research reviewing the Uni-West, Inc. website, as well as many others, glimpsing into the factual odds and ends of the Utah Plumbing, Boiler, Heating and Air Conditioning industry. I came across several reviews that heightened my awareness of how many other companies handle themselves to the customers’ dissatisfaction. In terms of factual knowledge regarding Plumbing in general, I got as far as a stone’s throw, slipping and sinking into the murky waters of ambiguous oblivion.

The Utah Plumbing Industry; An Outsider’s Perspective

My knowledge of the Plumbing industry was more constricted than a clogged sink disposal crammed with a gallon of dried bacon grease atop a bucket of chicken gizzards. My soul felt as heavy as this aforementioned casserole of chaos, and my thoughts were as frustratingly ignorant as if a surgeon reached into that slush of slop, shoving it directly into my head. And to top it all off, as soon as I “come to”… He punches me in the face. Okay, so I exaggerate. Point in hand is this: I am giving to you an account of the integrity and morale of Uni-West, Inc. as an outsider, from a completely different perspective of one knowing very little about Utah Plumbing.

I interviewed Michael Mayor to shed light on the dimmer areas in my awareness of such history. Although I never fully came to understand Plumbing in Utah, I came to understand the ethic of the proprietary person operating the company, and the ideals of the man who passed Uni-West, Inc. along to him.

From Father to Son – Uni-West, Inc.

George Mayor taught his son, Michael Mayor, everything a young man needed to know starting at the age of eleven regarding plumbing work. When I say young “man” at the age of eleven, I mean exactly that. Michael Mayor’s work with Heating, Boiler, Air Conditioning and Plumbing in Utah Plumbing began at this age, working in the summers with his father. Throughout the next several years, George taught his son not only Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, he taught him the values of moral fiber, work ethic and integrity that encumbers Uni-West, Inc. to this very day.

Family Operated Since 1971 – A Second Generation Company

The late, great George Warren Mayor founded Uni-West, Inc. in the year of 1971. George Initially worked for Sears, Roebuck & Co. in California. Later, George moved to Utah to work for Eimco. Having had a master’s degree in business, he became an executive for the company. Yet, something about big-business politics never sat well with him; He never liked the political bureaucratic angles of corporate. Sure enough, Eimco sold out, requesting George to move back to California. Not wanting to move back, and always wanting to be a Plumber, George Mayor used this opportunity to his advantage. He pursued his dream with founding Uni-West, Inc.

Michael Mayor’s Mother, Maryann Mayor played a monumental role in planting the seed for Uni-West, Inc. Her position as a registered nurse, and later also as a director at Saint-Marks Hospital, had ensured the family’s stability during the interim, before Uni-West, Inc. was launched.

Uni-West, Inc. rightfully passed into the efficient hands of Michael James Mayor years later, making Uni-West, Inc. a second generation, family operated business. One key element of George’s ideals, as described by his son, is that he maintained his core principle of never succumbing to the greed of reckless profiteering in business. Uni-West, Inc. remains true to quality and customer satisfaction at the over-ruling of a few extra measly bucks.

You may have noticed several negative online reviews of unsatisfied customers – getting ripped off from various Plumbing companies in the Salt Lake City Areas. I’ve spent several hours reviewing many online reviews; Uni-West, Inc. has NONE. In fact, according to the Better Business Bureau, Uni-West, Inc. has an A+ rating.

Integrity In Utah Plumbing Boiler Heating and Air Conditioning

I came to know Michael Mayor over some time. Having frequented his office on many occasions to work with his other companies, I came to know his values, work ethic and integrity involving business. Prior to launching another business in 2012, I remember a sit-down meeting between my father, Michael and myself. The excitement of starting a new business got to my head (as our initial intent for a store-front seemed promising,) and I recall arrogantly (and foolishly) stating, “We could take over the competitors!” Michael then humbly responded, “No, we wish everyone the best.” “Everyone deserves a place here, and there’s room for everybody.”

As you read the blog articles that he has written for his company, Uni-West, Inc., You might notice a pattern of a realistic approach to the Licensed Plumbing competition in Utah and Salt Lake City. There are claims clearly stating the position of Uni-West, Inc. as “One of many” Licensed Plumbing, Boiler, Heating and Air Conditioning companies out here in this great state. The idea of other licensed companies in the Salt Lake City area equating to that of Uni-West, Inc. is realized in the content of the website blogs. Uni-West, Inc. is a great plumbing company… And NOT the only Utah plumbing, Boiler, Heating and Air Conditioning company to utilize.

Quality Over Quantity; Customer Consideration Over Personal Profit

As I put myself in my own place in terms of an outsider to the world of Plumbing, Boiler, Heating and Air Conditioning, I consider the experience I’ve had working for Michael’s other businesses in Salt Lake City. I am respected and considered when surmising my opinions of business ideas aloud, and often my suggestions are integrated. Throughout the last two years, I’ve been made aware of a major concept incorporated into all of Michael Mayor’s companies: Quality over quantity… and customer consideration over Personal Profit.

This characteristic of value of product in precedence over ruthless profit became obvious from a first-hand, insider’s perspective. When I thoughtfully reflected over the products, such as the high quality, official brand-named supplies, and products of precision craftsmanship, this point became apparent. Similarly, The quality of everything used by Uni-West, Inc. is superior as well; from Equipment, Furnaces, Boilers, and Air Conditioning Units, to sealants and even Swamp Cooler Media Pads. From my gatherings of observation, Uni-West, Inc. cares more about their customers, rather than an extra hundred-dollar bill resulted from the frown of a ripped-off customer.

Uni-West, Inc. is Licensed

Uni-West Inc., is licensed in the State of Utah through the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. The Journeyman Plumbers and Master Plumbers in Salt Lake City remain educated throughout each and every year with continued education and training to stay “on-top” of their knowledge in Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Furnace and Boiler Repair / Replacement Services, and Pool and Spa services. Uni-West, Inc. remains in good standing with the state of Utah.

But don’t take my word for it… I’m just a guy with a brain full of bacon grease and chicken gizzards. (But seriously, take my word for it. I tell the truth.)


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