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Owners of Lawn and Garden irrigation sprinkler systems may encounter many potential problems with their systems that require Utah sprinkler repair. These problems are broken heads, stuck open valves, malfunctioning solenoids, uneven precipitation, broken pipe and wiring problems. Some minor problems can be fixed by the owner such as replacing sprinkler heads, or minor sprinkler pipe line repair. However, it may require a more experienced professional to fix valves, diagnose wiring problems, remedy uneven precipitation, repair or replace leaky main stop and waste main sprinkler valves, or fix broken pipes.

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Sprinkler Heads –

Sprinkler heads wear out over time, or can be broken by kids playing in the yard, or mowing the lawn. They can be run over by the car next to the driveway or parking strip, or hit by snow shovels. The quickest way to fix them is by unscrewing the stem from the canister, then screwing a new stem in its place. If you want to help avoid the new head being broken by mower blades, it is suggested that you dig a deeper hole to place it in so it will be lower than the blade. Cut a shallow square of sod around the head, and move the soil around the head. The top of the head should be flush with the grass at its roots. If it’s any deeper, it will pick up debris that can damage its seal. If you place it higher, it might get struck by mower blades the next time you mow. Be sure to tamp the soil firmly so the head will not resurface over time. As with anything, be sure to follow manufacturer instructions.

Sprinkler Valves –

Sprinkler repair often means checking for stuck valves. A sure sign that your sprinkler valves may be stuck, is when a zone of sprinklers runs nonstop while your controller is in the off position. A small rock or other debris could be preventing the valve from fully closing. In order to fix a stuck valve, you can try to take some pressure off the diaphragm by unscrewing the solenoid. After letting some water pass through the valve, you can screw the solenoid back on. The valve should seal properly in the off position. If not, it is stuck open and you will have to remove the top. After removing the top, check for debris, you will need some tools. If your problem is not fixed, and you didn’t find any debris, your diaphragm may be damaged or worn out and it needs to be replaced.

Some sprinkler parts and components that the company checks include clocks, main valve, manifolds, PVC, pumps, remote valves, sprinkler valve boxes, brass and flare fittings, and a other variety of sprinkler system components and connections.

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