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Plumbing 1. The system of pipes and other apparatus for conveying water, liquid wastes, etc., as in a building. 2. The work or trade of a plumber.

Defined in depth by Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, (A tome-sized titan!), the word ‘plumbing’ illuminates a concept taken lightly by first-world consumers. Many of us lavish in a privileged setting, while an appreciation for societal plumbing is rushed away from us like so much waste water through a drain. In other societies without plumbing, life seems rougher in contrast, perceived from eyes accustomed to a life lived with plumbing. How often do we wake in the morning en-route to shower, marveling over water flowing from hidden pipes, spraying out of spigots by simply turning a knob? Who honestly lauds the luxury of everyday plumbing to the extent of a higher appreciation? Plumbing is a privilege, yet plumbing is highly taken for granted.


Ever recall a time of jumping into a cold pool on a frigid night? Perhaps the water was so chilled you raced off to the showers or the hot tub. In those moments, a likely result of what happened from plumbing was enjoyed –Hot water at your back. Yet in the simpler everyday needs of societal plumbing, we are generally so used to the routine ways of flowing water, it seems hardly an idea too special. That is, until its taken away…


Surely, nearly everyone has had a sink or two back up, resulting in heaps of unwashed dishes till a plumber arrived to funnel the tubes. Perhaps when moved into a new home there was an entire absence of running water for several hours, which could be the situation during a storm. Once the plumbing was back on line we praised it. The moment the privilege of modern plumbing was stricken from us, till the moment of it’s return, we yearned for it.


This miraculous system of savvy drains and tubes becomes so ingrained in our daily habits and customs, so commonplace, we might forget to consider this blessing of a service. Moments of consideration for the marvels of intricate plumbing would be fitting, not when we don’t have it, but when we do have it.




Amazon Rainforest

A man of sixteen years age hikes in the Amazonian forest at not a rather rapid pace, as to keep steady the set of large, freshly filled water jugs in a rhythmic sway. Two kilometers to the falls for fresh water and two kilometers to return. He arrives to greet his family under a thatched roof hut.


Confidently standing with fists to his hips, the young man boasts his talent at resting his carrying-pole in between two fastened water jugs, securing it’s center to his trapezium, hands free. Both parents grin in a mild pride for their kin, reserving display of an overly enthused mien as to not feed a potential ego. As the young man lifts the pole from his back, the right end tips in torque in a losing battle of balance. His younger brother, aged six, rushes into the rescue to grab the side succumbing to gravity, hoisting it smoothly upward. The teenage son relieves his brother’s weight in a quick fell –swoop, grabbing both ends to a final lowering. Safely managed, the water jugs rest well on the hard hut floor, with a collected sigh of relief from all the family. Smirks are passed around the room in revel of irony.


Washing up time: An empty washbowl awaits dirty hands after the boiling cools to a steaming warmth. After cleaning hands collectively, the health and moods of the family and house are right and ready for meal preparation.


The elder son begins the soup’s pour gently into four bowls while his brother supports the hind of the pot. Watching and waiting in suspense, the elders of the house take witness to see that the job is done well. The last bits of broth ease from pot to bowls in final pours. Then, like a single dew-drop falling from a fern, a bead of sweat glides from the bridge of his nose, landing into his mother’s meal. The elder son slowly raises his head to greet his mother’s eyes as she feigns a grimace of disapproval for a long few seconds. She finally lets loose a hint of a grin, widening to a full fledged smile.  Father was first to laugh. Then, everyone all at once, collectively in a volley of sonorous joy.


Mid-Town Manhattan:

A thirty year old man enters his 34th street and 7th avenue apartment, Mid-Town Manhattan. He arrives after a long hike of four total blocks and two 15-minute subway trips. After placing his soon – to –be eaten deli sandwich on the table, he steps into the kitchen, turns the sink lever, and washes his hands.


-Rob Close





Salt Lake City Plumbing Repair PLUMBING REPAIR SALT LAKE


Water can cause permanent damage to a home.  If a pipe bursts in your walls, or starts to leak below your home, you will need the most reliable plumbing repair Salt Lake has to offer.  When you are in a pinch, you may think that it is more important to get someone in the home doing the repair work as soon as possible, but you may end-up with an PLUMBING & HVAC repair company that is not reliable or knowledgeable about your plumbing issues. There are some Heating and Air Conditioning repair companies who claim that they know something about plumbing, when in all actuality, they are not licensed or trained and are not qualified in plumbing.

Uni-West Inc. staffs professional and dedicated technicians that are trained in HVAC repair and are trained, licensed and seasoned PLUMBERS. Our experts are all thoroughly trained to handle any plumbing, heating and air repair job you could encounter. We know that when you feel as if you are in the middle of an unforeseen dilemma, you may be tempted to hire the first HVAC repair or plumbing company you find in the cyber network, mail ads or  phone book. We urge you to research only licensed plumbing companies.  Uni-west inc. is one of the licensed companies in Utah in Good Standing.

We are one of the go-to plumbing repair Salt Lake  companies residents turn to in times of HVAC and plumbing repair needs.  We will take the time to make sure that we identify the exact location of the problem, also checking to see if there are any other areas of concern that may need repairs in the future. This will ensure that you avoid a similar situation, or another situation in the near future.

At Uni-West, Inc., we treat all our clients with the utmost respect. We do not charge you insane fees, change out parts that are not needed and  for work that we have not done, like some of the other HVAC and PLUMBING repair companies in the area that we have heard about. We also take the time to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the job that has been done before we leave.


We do not expect you to simply take our word for it — we want you to take your time when choosing a plumbing heating and air repair company to handle your plumbing and HVAC repair and replacement in Salt Lake.  Get quotes from a few companies and compare them to the quote you receive from Uni-West Inc. Our rates are far more reasonable and cover far more work than any other company in our region.  We also offer more references than any company could possibly need to prove our reliability with nothing but good reviews. We have the references needed so that you can rest assure that you are hiring the best plumbing, heating, air conditioning and repair company for the job.

Uni-West Inc. is also a licensed and insured HVAC and plumbing repair and replacement company. You do not want an unlicensed company working on your plumbing repair in Salt Lake, regardless of what they charge. If someone causes damage to your home when they try to do the plumbing repair and they are not insured, your insurance or you personally could end up having to pay to have the damages repaired — causing your rates to increase and costs incurred to you.  Hiring an affordable and dependable plumbing repair company from the beginning, will save any hassles that could occur when highly skilled and trained HVAC and PLUMBING technicians are not used.

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Boiler and furnace repair


Residential and Commercial Plumbing Needs

Are you dealing with running toilets, faucets that leak or a clogged sink?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Uni-West Inc. has the best and most highly skilled plumbing contractors in Salt Lake that can fix all of your residential and commercial plumbing needs.  Our main focus is customer satisfaction and that is why we deliver fast, courteous and superior service to each and every individual that turns to us for help.

Uni-West Inc.’s plumbing contractors in Salt Lake take great pride in every job that we perform.  As soon as you are visited by one of our licensed technicians, a full inspection of the damage will be assessed  and you will be given a thorough explanation.  Our plumbing and heating contractors will explain their recommendation for getting your problem fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  You can feel confident in knowing that no job is too big or too small for us and we treat every project with the same satisfaction and commitment that our customers have come to know and rely on.

More Than Just Plumbing!

You also may not know that Uni-West Inc. has more than just plumbing and heating contractors on staff.  We work outside of plumbing and heating issues that need taken care of, as well.  We also service residential and commercial cooling systems evaporative coolers, boilers, spa, pool and hot tub and lawn and garden sprinklers also to keep you comfortable and equipment running all year long.  Uni-West Inc. offers a wide range of services to suit your needs, and our plumbing heating cooling technicians are always here to help.

We understand that when you encounter a problem, you need fast, reliable and affordable service.  Uni-West Inc. not only offers the best plumbing and heating contractors, we also offer the most competitive pricing in the area.  Our plumbing heating cooling technicians will get the job right the first time with their highly specialized and skilled training to tackle any issue that you may be facing in your home or business. With our outstanding reputation, we at Uni-West, Inc. are confident that we can be the plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors in Salt Lake and surrounding area that you will want to call.

Uni-West Inc. aims to provide superior services that encourage a safe, healthy and relaxing environment for you to live or work in.  We treat our clients and their property with respect and integrity and strive for distinction in all areas — including our unprecedented customer service.  When our plumbing and heating technicians enter your home or business, expect them to treat it as if it were their own.

We know that plumbing and heating issues can quickly become emergencies and that is why Uni-West Inc. does everything that we can to address your problem with a fast response. We want you to be able to rely on our services any time you need us, and that is why every customer is treated will utmost respect, and given our personalized attention.

Uni-West Inc. has the best plumbing contractors in Salt Lake for a reason.  We stand by our extraordinary reputation for offering fast, reliable and affordable plumbing, heating and cooling service.  Don’t just take our word for it, give us a call today and see for yourself.

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