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Building a new home can be exciting, but it is important to hire a company that you can trust. For the best home heating Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas have available, call Uni-West Inc.  There are many people who make the mistake of trying to save a few bucks by hiring the cheapest company they can find to handle their home heating systems. This is not a good idea because the lowest bidder may not always be the best option. Some companies are able to offer such low rates because they hire technicians who are not properly trained — which, in turn, could be disastrous for you and your family.

If a technician that is not properly trained on installing heating systems for homes installs your heating system, there is a chance that they could do the installation improperly. Home heating systems that are not installed properly can lead to a fire, asphyxiation or problems that you just don’t need. It is important to take the time to make sure that a company is licensed, insured and experienced before hiring them to install the heating system in your home, and Uni-West Inc. offers the best home heating Salt Lake City Utah and surrounding areas have.

Uni-West Inc. is a company that you can trust. Our trained professionals have taken the time to learn everything there is to know about the installation of all the different types of heating systems for homes. This means that you can be rest assured your home heating system has been installed properly. A technician will come to your home and give you an estimate for what it will cost to handle the home heating system installation. We will walk you through the home and tell you exactly what needs to be done so that you can be sure they are not overcharging you.

The supplies used for home heating in Salt Lake City can be rather costly, but not with Uni-West Inc.  If  you are paying for the supplies on your own, you may have to spend hours comparing the costs from many different distributors. This can become overwhelming within a very short period of time. Before you buy the supplies for your heating system, you may want to talk to Uni-West Inc. to find out if we are able to get you a better rate. Uni-West Inc. has been in business for many years and has built relationships with many companies. We may be able to negotiate a more affordable rate for you.

After the heating system is installed in your home, you can call Uni-West Inc. to handle any repair, upgrade or inspection you may need in the future. We are a company that is more than willing to help you at every turn. We understand that there are times when heating systems just stop working, or stop working properly. We will send someone out to your home within a very short amount of time so that we can determine the issue at hand and get the repair done quickly. Working with the same company for every heating system will allow you to rest easy knowing that you can put your total confidence in the company.

Home Heating Salt Lake City

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Furnace Repair Salt Lake City Utah

Salt Lake City UtahFurnace RepairIf your electric or gas bill suddenly skyrockets, you may want to consider having a contractor come to your home and take a look at your furnace.  Regardless if you have a gas furnace or an electric furnace, it is possible for your electric or gas bill to be very high if they are not running efficiently. When a furnace is not running well, it uses more electricity and gas to do the same amount of work that it has always done.  This means that your electric or gas bill could go up $200 or even $300 in one month. It is important to find the right furnace repair in Salt Lake City Utah has to offer as soon as possible, so that you can avoid more costly electric or gas bills in the future.

Hiring a Contractor

When hiring contractors to handle your furnace repair in Utah, it is important to make sure that you get a few estimates before hiring a contractor or buying a certain type of furnace. You need to learn about your options before making a rash decision. There are some furnaces that are energy-efficient, and can actually save you money on the overall cost to use them.  These types of furnaces are often affordable and there are sometimes rebates available so that you can save even more money when purchasing a new one.

It is important to ask the contractor to explain exactly how much it will cost to run a new or repaired furnace per month.  This will help you decide on whether or not to purchase a new one, or fix the gas furnace or electric furnace you already have.  The professionals at Uni-West Inc. will be able to explain, in great detail, exactly what you should do if your furnace needs repair or replacement. We will take the time to help you learn everything you need to know and that is why we are one of the best furnace repair companies in Utah, and we are available.

When hiring a contractor to examine your furnace, Uni-West Inc. has exactly what you need. We will take the time to inspect your home thoroughly and determine the perfect furnace to fit your family’s needs.  This will allow you to be rest assured that you are not overpaying for your furnace repair in Salt Lake City Utah.  Not all contractors will take the time to get you the best deal that they possibly can. Some have agreements with furnace manufacturers that they will recommend their furnace over all others, just so that they get a percentage of each furnace sold.  This is not the type of company you want to do business with, because it will mean that you are paying for a furnace that you might not particularly need, rather than the best one that suits your home.

When you hire a gas furnace or electric furnace contractor, it is important to do your research and see if there are any negative reviews about the company on Google.  There are some companies who may have horrible reviews from previous clients, but will tell you that they are the best in the business. It is up to you to make sure that you are hiring a company, like Uni-West Inc., that you can trust to do the job right the first time.

Furnace repair in Salt Lake City Utah

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Utah Heating Repair by Uni-West Inc. HEATING REPAIR SALT LAKE CITY


Did you just try to turn the heat on in your home and notice that it didn’t come on?  This can be a terrible predicament to find yourself in, and that is why it is important to hire the best heating repair Salt Lake City and the best plumbing repair Salt Lake City has available. You need a company that has many years of experience in Heating, Boiler, Air Conditioning and Plumbing repair and replacement, so that you can be confident in knowing that they will be able to find and fix the problem you are experiencing. Uni-West Inc. is one of the Better Business accredited Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning licensed HVAC repair and replacement companies that you will want to call into your home.

The professionals at Uni-West Inc. have been thoroughly trained with years of experience to fix large and small problems in heating and air conditioning systems. No job is too big or too small! At Uni-West Inc., we know how important it is to be able to depend on the company that is handling such an essential element of your home, business or commercial building.  Being cold for hours, or even days on end is not enjoyable for anyone.  We will quickly send a technician to your home, business or place of location to ensure that the problem is attended to and fixed as fast as possible, so that you can be sitting or operating comfortably again in no time at all.


We understand that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to hiring a company that can handle your HVAV and PLUMBING repair needs quickly and efficiently.  That is why you will find that Uni-West Inc is licensed, and in good standing with the State of Utah registered with Div. of Occupational and Professional Licensing.  We are a top-end, customer recommended company, offering HEATING, FURNACES, AIR CONDITIONING, PLUMBING and BOILER  repair in Salt Lake City Utah.  We will send a technician to your home at your convenience, and you will understand the quote right away with several options.  We also understand that you are a busy person, so we accommodate to your needs and what times work best for you when we perform our consultation.  Once you compare the quotes offered by other companies, you will quickly realize that we are very honorable; We are one of the best companies to handle your heating repair in Salt Lake City.

Uni-West Inc. is able to provide many references of past and current customers that continue to rely on us for all of their heating, air conditioning, boiler and plumbing repair and upgrade needs.  We ensure that all of our clients are very happy with the job that we do, and make sure that it is done right the first time.  Our technicians understand that you do not want to sit at your house for hours on end waiting for your plumbing, heating or air conditioning repair to be finished, and that is why we are dedicated to providing the most efficient HVAC and PLUMBING repair that we possibly can.

When you call Uni-West Inc. for your heating repair in Salt Lake City or any of your HOME COMFORT or other mechanical needs, you will never have to worry whether you chose the right company to fix your problem. You can be certain that we offer highly skilled service and repair, along with the most competitive rates in the area.  Our substantial references, trained technicians, highly skilled tradesman, boiler experts and dedicated staff can attest to the fact that we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible heating and air conditioning, plumbing, boiler, evaporative cooler, sprinklers, spa and hot tub repair work. We are infused with the integrity that you may not find anywhere else.

Uni-West Inc.
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Salt Lake City Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Salt Lake City

Don’t be left shivering in the cold when Uni-West Inc. is here to warm you up.  We understand how troublesome it can be when your heating system stops working; it is frustrating, inconvenient and stressful — leaving you to wonder how you are going to fix it.  Uni-West Inc. is here to help by providing friendly and reliable customer service at an affordable price.  By calling the best furnace repair Salt Lake City has to offer, you will be heated up and comfortable in no time.

From the time you contact Uni-West Inc., you are made a priority and given the utmost respect and courtesy from our staff and repair technicians.  We value our customers and offer nothing but the best personal service and care for your home or business.  You can always count on us for all of your heating needs.  We are the best furnace repair Salt Lake City has and will ensure that you are completely satisfied throughout the entire process.  This is why our past customers continue to rely on us when they are in need of heating system repair or any of our other services.

Heating Contractor

Uni-West Inc. will send a heating contractor furnace technician to evaluate your needs and do everything possible to repair your furnace at the lowest price possible.  Our highly trained technicians have the skills necessary to repair your furnace and also thoroughly inspect it to ensure quality and safety.  If your furnace happens to be damaged beyond repair, our experts can sit with you to evaluate your heating needs and offer competitive pricing on a new system.
We strive to do everything that we can to fix your existing furnace, though, because we understand how stressful unexpected repairs can be to your budget.  For this reason, Uni-West Inc. offers extremely competitive heating system repair to lessen the burden.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

As soon as you contact us, our heating technician will begin your work order.  Once your furnace has been repaired, Uni-West Inc. highly recommends maintaining your newly fixed heating system by having regular inspections performed to maximize its productivity and safeguard your home.  We want your furnace operating as efficiently and safely as possible. and will not stop working on our end until we know that everything is running properly and you are completely satisfied. Customer satisfaction is our top priority – A job is not done till the job is WELL DONE!

Be sure to keep in mind that if your furnace stops working, you do not have to try to “stick it out” by using extra blankets and heavier clothes.  Remember, your furnace quit operating for a reason, and we do not want to see you put yourself in the middle of a safety hazard or other issue because you were not expecting this.  We understand your concern, and that is why Uni-West Inc. is here to help you with your heating system repair, offering the service that you deserve.

Uni-West Inc is Licensed

If you are looking for the best heating contractor in the Salt Lake City area, you owe it yourself to give Uni-West Inc. a call.  We ensure only the highest quality of heating system repair at the lowest rates possible.  Uni-West Inc is Licensed through the State of Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, and in good standing through continuing education in the State of Utah.  We strive to guarantee total customer satisfaction and want to build a lasting and lifelong relationship with you.

Uni-West Inc.
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Salt Lake City furnace repair


Utah Furnace Repair



Utah furnace repair and furnace trouble shooting is a step by step procedure that should only be done by a licensed professional. When we get to your home or place of business, we use the same steps and procedures we have been using for years.

Do you have noticeable temperature differences in your home? Is the motor on your furnace getting louder? Have your energy bills drastically increased? An answer of yes to any of these questions can mean that your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. If your furnace has been acting up and not performing as it should it may be time to perform some basic furnace trouble shooting.

Troubleshooting Tips

Some homeowners are able to perform basic furnace trouble shooting on their own. It may be as simple as a minor filter check, clean or replacement of the air filter. Issues or repairs that are more involved need the expertise of a licensed professional.

Some basic furnace trouble shooting tips to follow before calling a professional are:

Gas furnace trouble shooting: If the unit will not run, it may be due to no power, pilot light out or ignitor malfunction, or no gas. The homeowner can check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers, follow manufacturer instructions to re-light pilot reset the module, and check gas valve.

Electric furnace troubleshooting

Four things to check on electric furnaces are the filter, the thermostat, the fan, and the vents. Replacing filters often helps furnaces maintain efficiency. Make sure the thermostat is set to heat and the set-point is at least five degrees above room temperature. If the fan is not running, check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. Check to see if the air coming out of the vents is warm.

Oil furnace trouble shooting: If the unit will not run; check the fuses and circuit breakers, check the tank to make sure you have enough fuel, and press the reset button on the stack control.

If you have tried all of the above and have been unsuccessful, you need to contact a heating repair specialist. It might even be time for you to look into furnace replacement options.
State of Utah: Registered and licensed Since 1971 Uni-West, Inc. Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Boiler Service

Uni-West, Inc. Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning is a Business (Company) in good standing with the “State of Utah” . Incorporated in 1971. Master Utah Plumbing License and Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning License.. S210 and S350. We provide furnace repair service to Salt Lake City and surrounding areas including Salt Lake County, Utah County, Davis County, Tooele, and Park City Utah.

Here at Uni-West, Inc. Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. We offer personalized service and guaranteed performance that is infused with integrity and honesty. References are available upon request.

Other System Components and System Operations:

Along with Utah furnace repair and heater replacement, we provide the following system components and system operations checks on service:

Main On/Off Switch
Door Switch
Draft Inducer Motor
Pressure Switch
Ignition Module
Flame Rectification
Gas Valve Smart Valve
High Limit and Safety Controls
Burner Compartment
Control Board
Blower Motor
Heat Exchanger
“Flue” Venting Inspection
Combustion Air Supply
Cold Air Return Ducts and Registers
Air Supply Ducts Supply Runs and Registers

Our Top Priority is Your Satisfaction!
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