Utah Boiler Repair

Utah Boiler Repair

A home heating option chosen by many is a boiler system.  There are different types of boiler systems and componants available for homeowners to choose from. We have been working on Utah Boiler Repair and Boiler Problems since 1971.

Boiler Troubleshooting Tips
Here are some basic troubleshooting tips:
If no heat is produced by the unit, you can raise the thermostat at least five degrees, check to make sure the switches are in the on position, check for blown fuses, check for tripped circuit breakers, check the water level and or pressure (12 to 15 psi), and check the burner’s safety controls.  Check the pressure-reducing valve and the combination gauge.  If the valve is not regulating and needs repair, call a licensed technician. If you are not comfortable with doing any of these tasks, call a licensed and qualified boiler repair technician Uni-West, Inc. 801 259-1711

If it is only one radiator that does not heat up properly, it may have some air trapped inside. The system needs to be purged. If the pipes are clanging , it usually indicates that it is low on water, there is air in the system or the circulator has problems.  Only qualified, licensed technicians should replace or repair the circulator, and / or pumps.
As you can tell, the above mentioned tips all have something to do with the heating of the unit or sudden noises from the pipes.  These problem signs usually develop due to common problems with the expansion tank or the circulator or low water, not the boiler itself.  This is due to the fact that boiler systems have mechanical parts and related componants.  because of this, they are usually very reliable systems.

Other System Components and System Operations:
Besides boiler repair, boiler replacement, and boiler installation, we check the following other system components and system operations:

Water Pressure
On/Off Switch
Switching Relays
Zone Valves
Low & High Pressure Cut Out
Condensate Return
Pressure Regulator
Expansion Tank
Air Separator
Radiators and Baseboards
Draft Inducer Motor
Pressure Switch
Ignition / Spark / Module
Gas Valve
Flame Rectification
Gas Pressure Regulation
Gas Duration
Heat Exchanger
Safety Controls

Uni-West Inc is Licensed

Here at Uni-West, Inc. Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning we make customer satisfaction our top priority. We offer personalized service and guaranteed performance that is infused with integrity, and honesty. References are available upon request. Utah Boiler Repair and Boiler Problems is our specialty!  Uni-West inc is licensed in the State of Utah with the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

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