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Salt Lake City Plumbing and HeatingOne of the first objectives to finding a Salt Lake City Plumber is finding a reliable company who is licensed and in good standing in the state of Utah. Secondly, use a plumbing company who stays with the education and the trends, keeping up on all new products and procedures.

Uni-West, Inc. Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Boilers is a 2nd generation owned and operated business and continues to be in good standing in the State of Utah. We are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and servicing the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas.

Uni-West Inc provides service, Plumbing Repair and installation in all phases of Plumbing, Heating , Air Conditioning, Boilers, Water Conditioning, Water Purification, Evaporative Coolers (Swamp Coolers), Lawn and Garden Sprinklers Upgrades and Repair, Spa, Pool and Hot Tub Service, Equipment Repair and Replacement. Check out some our videos!

We are dedicated to providing to our community the highest quality of plumbing service that is infused with integrity. We have worked hard and many years with a commitment to develop the professionalism to uphold a reputation as the highest quality craftsmen in excellence to deliver our services.

We strive for continued business with everyone we work for as a Salt Lake City Utah Licensed Master Plumber, Warm Air Heating and Air Conditioning Craftsmen, Boiler and Control Experts with ongoing education and training, meeting all the innovation and newer technology in the industry to bring the best and highest efficient products and service to our customers. We promise you will recognize the value of what we provide because your satisfaction is our highest priority.

Continuing compliance education is a Utah State requirement and has been for every Salt Lake City Plumber for over a decade. We actually go back to class once a year to keep our license. This year was a very good class; new technologies, products, tax laws and an array of topics every Plumbing company needs to run an honest business and stay compliant. We really do pride ourselves in these areas.

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Furnace Repair Salt Lake City

It’s always a good idea to look at online reviews of companies that offer Furnace Repair Salt Lake City before hiring. There are many websites such as Google where you can get a pretty good idea how the furnace companies in your area are performing.

Online ratings say a great deal about a company’s track record and performance. Check to see if the company that is on your radar has a website and if they are in “Good Standing” with the city they have a business license.

Once you have found a good company to handle your Furnace Repair Salt Lake City it is always a good idea to keep that information handy in case you ever have an emergency.

Here at Uni-West, Inc. we are licensed and insured in Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, Boiler Spa and Hot Tub and also Lawn and Garden Sprinklers so we can efficiently handle all you home comfort needs. If there are any other areas of attention that your home needs, you can be rest assured that Uni-West, Inc. can handle all your needs in the mechanical aspects of your home maintenance and repair.

Uni-West, Inc. Furnace Repair Salt Lake City cares about their customers. We will take the time to determine the exact component that is causing problems and address it properly. We do thorough inspection and diagnoses; We do not make assumptions or speculate on what needs to be done in your home, ensuring the job gets done right without any excess spending of time or money.

Home Heating Salt Lake

Home Heating Salt LakeThe referral of a family member or friend of Home Heating Salt Lake is the highest compliment. Here at Uni-West, Inc. we would never want to jeopardize this trust and confidence with any of our customers. We could never accept a bad review of any type. That is why we strive with 100% efforts to make your experience with Home Heating Salt Lake the best it could possibly be.

Uni West Inc understands how it is for you when it is freezing outside and your furnace or boiler stops working. If it is starting to get cold in your house, you have nothing on your mind except to get some heat going in your home.

Be rest assured when you call for help with our Home Heating Salt Lake service that everything will be taken care of and you can just leave the rest up to us. Once you have established a phone call to Uni West Inc, consider it done and never worry about being overcharged or taken advantage of. Uni West Inc is of highest caliber in the Plumbing Boiler Heating Air Conditioning repair and installation business. Browse around in our website and have a peek at all our customer testimonials; They speak for themselves. Want a couple of referral customer phone numbers? No problem, just ask.

No problems will be associated with Uni West Inc customers, and I, Michael Mayor will personally guarantee that. If Home Heating Salt Lake has never helped you out with any of our services, I promise you if we ever do, you will be glad you called.

Some of our specialties include:

  • Heating – Air Conditioning – Plumbing – Boilers
  • Plumbing Contractor, New & Repair
  • Boiler New, Repair & Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Repair & New
  • Evaporative Coolers Sales, Service & Repair
  • Swamp Coolers Repair and Replacement
  • Spas & Hot Tub Equipment Service & Repair
  • Sprinkler Repair Upgrades Main Valves Controls
  • Swimming Pool Equipment Service & Repair
  • Water Heaters New, Repair & Replacement
  • Water Softeners and Water Purification

Our Top Priority is Your Satisfaction!

Call us anytime for an appointment when you need the best and trusted Salt Lake City Plumber, Warm Air Heating & Air Conditioning Tradesman, Boiler & Control Expert! I would like to be your Home Comfort Specialist! We also specialize in Spa, Pool & Hot Tub Equipment Repair & Replacement and also Conventional & Instantaneous Water Heaters & Water Softeners & Water Purification.  We sincerely appreciate your trust and confidence in our services.

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